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Margot Robbie: The Australian Beauty of Hollywood

There are many beautiful actresses in Hollywood cinema.  They excel not only in beauty but also in talent.  That’s why Hollywood actresses are loved by a large number of audiences around the world.  This is the reason why their films quickly reach the audience.  Although Hollywood cinema originated primarily in the United States, it has now been joined by actors from around the world.  Artists from Israel, Gal Gadot, Natalie Portman, Priyanka Chopra from South Asia, as well as artists from many countries, including Africa, South America, Russia, the Middle East, China, and Japan, have become members of Hollywood cinema, including a number of Australian actors.  Margot Robbie, meanwhile, holds a special place.  Margot Robbie has become one of the most popular stars in Hollywood at this time.  Today’s post is about her.

Margot Robbie is a Hollywood brand

Robbie has been an Australian actress since joining the Hollywood production.  Most of the audience sees her through a character from the DC Comic universe.  Those are the characters of Harleen Quinn.  Through that character, she attracts the attention of movie fans all over the world.  In addition, she was able to star in a number of other world-famous films.  Because of all this, Margot Robbie can be called a prominent star in Hollywood cinema. 

Margot Robbie’s film career

Margot Robbie, who has made a name for himself among the great names in Hollywood cinema today, begins his film career in his native Australia.  She was first seen in the art world in 2008.  She was 18 years old at the time.  Her first film together was Vigilante.  It premiered in 2008.  In 2013, she co-starred in the Australian comedy and romantic film About Time, which is not limited to Australian cinema.  Later that year, he became a world-famous character through the film The Wolf of Wall Street.  After that, she joined the cast in many other world-famous creations.  Below are some of them.

Robbie’s movies

Vigilante (2008)
ICU (2009)
About Time (2013)
The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
Focus (2015)
Suite Francaise (2015)
The Legend of Tarzan (2016)
Suicide Squad (2016)
I, Tonya (2017)
Peter Robbit (2018)
Mary Queen of Scots (2018)
Once Apon a Time in Hollywood (2019)
Birds of Prey (2020)
The Suicide Squad (2021)

She has acted in many of these films and other films.  She has also worked as a producer for some of these films.  In addition, she has contributed to TV series.  Below are some of them.

Robbie’s TV series

  • Review with Myles Barlow (2008)
  • Neighbors (2008-2011)
  • Pan Am (2011-2012)
  • Top Gear (2015)
  • Dollface (2019-)

Margot Robbie Awards

Margot Robbie is a talented actress who has represented the world at many major awards.  Meanwhile, she has been nominated for two Academy Awards.  In addition, she has been nominated for 66 awards to date (2021.07.27).  Many of the 66 awards are for Best Actress and Most Popular Actress.  Out of them, she won the following awards.

  • Best Actress – I, Tonya – AACTA International Awards (2018)
  • Best Supporting Actress – Bombshell – AACTA International Awards (2020)
  • The Best Film – Promising Young Woman – AACTA International Awards (2021)
  • Best Actress in an Action Movie – Suicide Squad – Critics’ choice Movie Awards (2017)
  • Best Actress in a Comedy Movie – I, Tonya – Critics’ choice Movie Awards (2018)
  • Choice Movie Actress: An Teen Cipated – Suicide Squad – Teen Choice Awards (2016)
  • Best Female Newcomer – The Wolf of wall street – Empire Awards (2014)
  • Bravest Performance – I, Tonya – Alliance of Women Film Journalists (2018)
  • Best Actress – I, Tonya – Florida Film Critics Circle (2017)
  • Best Actress (Runner-up) – Birds of Prey – Hollywood Critics Awards (2020)
  • Hollywood Ansemble Award – I, Tonya – Hollywood Film Awards (2017)
  • Best Actress – I, Tonya – New York Film Critics Online (2017)
  • Favorite Action Movie Actress – Suicide Squad – People’s Choice Awards (2017)
  • Best Actress – I, Tonya – San Francisco Bay Area Film Critics Circle (2017)
  • Best Actress in a Foreign Film – Once Apon a Time in Hollywood – Sant Jordi Awards (2020)

Margot Robbie’s personal life

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie

Australia is the birthplace of Hollywood beauty actress Margot Robbie.  She was born in Dalby, Queensland, Australia.  Her birthday is July 2, 1990.  Margot Robbie’s birth name is Margot Elise Robbie.  Her parents were Doug Robbie and Sarie Kessler, owners of a farm.  She was educated at Somerset College.  She is currently a professional actress as well as a producer.  They began a love affair with Tom Ackerley, a British assistant director, in 2013 and married in December 2016 in Australia.  They now live off the coast of Venice, California.  Robbie is an advocate for human rights, gender equality, LGBT rights, and refugees.  She is currently implementing a number of programs in this regard.  She has become very popular in the film industry as well as a social activist. 

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