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The Croods: Walk towards the light

World cinema is diverse.  New films on various topics are often added to world cinema.  Among them, there is a huge demand for animation and comic films in recent times.  Among them are many popular cartoon animated films.  These animated films are often aimed at children’s clubs.  Accordingly, those films are built closer to the child’s mind.  Through those films, the child’s mind is simply introduced to a variety of thinking abilities.  That is why animated films play a huge role in building the future generation.  Today we are ready to bring you information about a successful animated film that was screened with such a big message.

The Croods Movie
The Croods: Eep & Guy

Summary of The Croods Story

The Croods (2013)

The Croods begins with a family in a cave.  The father is the custodian of that family.  He protects this family as much as he can.  But he does not allow his family members to see the world outside the cave.  He always says the outside world is dangerous.  But one day, the eldest daughter of the family, “Epp”, makes a bold decision and leaves the cave.  On that trip, she meets a young man named Guy.  On her way back to her cave, the environment inside the cave explodes.  So they set out to find another place.

On that trip, they meet a young man named Guy.  According to his plan, they are moving towards the light.  But Grug, the father of this cave family, who traditionally thinks about his plans, does not like it.  But occasionally Guy’s plans come to fruition because of the will of the majority at all times.  On this journey, they face great dangers and troubles.  They also get a fun and adventurous trip.  Eventually, they discover the new world.  This journey is a very valuable film.  So don’t forget to watch this movie.

The Croods: New Age (2020)

With the end of The Croods story in 2013, there was an audience demand for a second part.  That’s why a new movie called The Croods: New Age was released in 2020.  This story is about the various problems that parents face in keeping their children incarcerated indefinitely.  It also mentions the sacrifices parents make for their children.  At the end of the first story, they travel around the new world they saw.  There they find a large wall and they move to the other side.  There they meet the Betterman family.  The Betterman family’s interest in bringing gay people into their family and the Croods family’s ignorance of how to behave in their super comfortable home.  Meanwhile, a question arises about monkeys.  Then which way will this story go?  How different will the end be?  If you want answers to these questions you have to watch The Croods.

Characters and actors

All the characters in this movie are animated characters.  However, many actors have contributed to the development of those characters.  Among them are many world-renowned artists.  Popular actress Emma Stone joins the cast for the lead role.  In addition, Game Of Thrones superstars Peter Dinklage, Ryan Reynolds, Nicolas Cage, and others will be joining.

Artists who contributed to the characters

  • Emma Stone – Eep
  • Ryan Reynolds – Guy
  • Nicolas Cage – Grug
  • Catherine Keener – Ugga
  • Leslie Mann – Hope Betterman
  • Clark Duke – Thunk
  • Cloris Leachman – Gran
  • Peter Dinklage – Phil Betterman
  • Kelly Marie – Dawn Betterman
  • Chris Sanders – Belt

The staff I participated in for both films are also very special.  Their sacrifices have made this film a successful film series.  Below are some of them.

Production Staff

  • Director – Krik DeMicco (2013), Chris Sanders (2013), Joel Crawford (2020)
  • Screenplay – Krik DeMicco (2013), Chris Sanders (2013), Dan Hageman (2020), Kevin Hangeman (2020), Paul Fisher (2020), Bob Logan (2020)
  • Edit – Eric Dapkewicz (2013), James Ryan (2020)

The series was a huge success around the world.  The first film was distributed by 20th century Fox and the second by Universal Pictures.  The cost of the film was $ 175 million in 2013 and $ 65 million in 2020.  The film grossed $ 587.2 million and $ 174.5 million on both occasions, respectively.  The film was able to reach a huge audience worldwide.  This film is one of the most successful films in the world. 

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