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Netflix announces the release of Money Heist Season 5 soon

Netflix is ​​one of the world’s leading web series distributors.  The number of Netflix users in the world is increasing day by day.  The main reason for the increase in the number of these users is the audience response to the web series that are displayed there.  Meanwhile, the talk show ‘Money Heist’ received a high response from the audience.  It is a creation of Spain.  The story is primarily created in Spanish.

This web series shows two robberies planned by a group of robbers.  The professor had planned all these robberies because of the desires of his father and brother.  These plans were made very intelligently with all the tactics.  For that he employs a group of experienced robbers.  He is able to turn those robbers into people who are loved by the society.  That was the main reason why this talk had such a high audience appeal.

The robbers in this conversation are called by the names of the cities.  Also known as Tokyo, Rio, Berlin, Nairobi, Helsinki, Moscow, Denver.  In the third episode, another group joins them.  Even though the characters in this conversation are robbers, the audience had to love them very much.  The best example of this is how the audience felt when some of the characters died.

Many talented actors come together as characters in this conversation.

  • Alvaro Morte – The Professor
  • Ursula Corbero – Tokyo
  • Miguel Herran – Rio
  • Jaime Lorente – Denver
  • Pedro Alponso – Berlin
  • Alba Flores – Nairobi
  • Itziar Ituno – Raquel Murrolio
  • Esther Acebo – Monika
  • Darko Peric – Helsinki
  • Enrique Arce – Arturo Roman
  • Paco Tous – Moskaw

In addition, many other artists contributed to this.

Season 5 release date.

According to a source from Express, Money Heist season 5 will be released sometime after September 2021. At least, that’s what Pina recently said.  However, it makes sense.  Small Screen later announced that a source told them that season 5 is shooting for a September Netflix release date.  Season 5 is expected to premiere in October, November, or December, according to our best guess.  I believe the new season will premiere in October since Netflix has a jam-packed schedule for November and December, and the streaming service will choose to offer Money Heist its own window to shine.  At the end of the year, there should be ample time to complete post-production on season 5. 

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