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Adore – A love that goes beyond the norm

We can see love from different angles.  Some are social norms and some are not.  However, both of these exist in the world.  Therefore, filmmakers are interested in presenting standard love stories as well as non-standard love stories through movies.  There are many such unconventional love stories in world cinema.  Through this post, you can find out about a movie that was made about love outside of such standard boundaries.  The name of this movie is “Adore”.  Although the film is called Adore, it is called “Adoration” in some countries.

Doris Lessing’s book, The Grandmothers, was adapted into the story of this film, which is an unconventional love story.  The film is based in Australia.  Two adult women and two young men are in love with this story and our website has also included this movie in the collection of the best movie that includes romantic stories between adult women and youth.  Although it is a story outside the social norms, the film managed to attract a significant audience.  The film was screened in Australia and France.  That was in 2013.  In addition, the film was able to represent a number of awards.

Adore 2013

The story of the Adore film is brief

Movie Ratings

IMDB – 6.2/10

Rottetan Tomatos – 33%

Google Users – 79%

MetaCritics – 37%

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Lili and Rose have been very close friends since childhood.  Lili’s husband dies and she lives alone with her son Ian.  Lily’s friend Rose’s house was located near their house.  Rose also has a child the same age as Ian and he is Tom.  Meanwhile, Rose’s husband has to leave the seaside village where they lived and move to Sydney.  It’s for work.  Meanwhile, Ian and Rose fall in love, and Tom, Rose’s son, finds out about the relationship.

Tom is devastated and later falls in love with Ian’s mother, Lili.  Knowing each other’s relationships, Lili and Rose decide to stop these activities.  But they understand that it cannot be done.  They then discuss and decide to share their two handsome sons.  As the romance unfolds, Rose’s husband returns to the village and invites his family to Sydney.  But when she refuses, he leaves, thinking she’s a lesbian between Lili and Rose.

Meanwhile, Tom has the opportunity to direct a play in Sydney, where he meets a young woman.  The two falls in love and Lili is skeptical about this.  But in the end, both mothers decide to give their two children a chance for the future.  Accordingly, they terminate their relationship.  Then the two children get married and they have children.  Ian sees Tom and Lili having sex again while all this fun.  Ian gets angry and blames Rose for it.  Here their wives face these questions.  What happens next?  What happens to their married lives ?.  And What will happen to this unrequited love in the end?

Actors and staff of the film Adore


The performance of Adore was seen at a very high level. Naomi Watts’ performance was especially praised by many.  The four main characters, who played the most shots in the film, worked hard to improve the quality of the film.  They were also able to represent several awards for their performance in this film.


  • Lili – Naomi Watts
  • Roz – Robin Wright
  • Ian – Xavier Samuel
  • Tom – James Frecheville
  • Harold – Ben Mendelsohn
  • Mary – Jessica Tovey
  • Hannah – Sophie Lowe
  • Saul – Gary Sweet

The staff of this film is dedicated to making this film a success with a beautiful finish.  The visuals and music are other highlights of the film.  The pictures taken especially underwater are very beautiful.  It is no secret that they were able to give more meaning to the story of this film

  • Director – Anne Fontaine
  • Writer – Christopher Hampton
  • Producers – Philippe Carcassonne, Michel Feller, Barbara Gibbs, Dominique Beanehard
  • Cinematographer – Christophe Beaucarne
  • Editor – Luc Barnier & Ceinwen Berry
  • Music – Christopher Gordon & Antony Partos

Adore movie after the show started

The film premiered on January 18, 2013, at the Sundance Film Festival.  Adore movie did not fare well financially.  The film grossed $ 16 million and grossed close to $ 2.5 million.  The film was made in English and was screened in Australia and France.  Naomi Watts won the Best Actress award at the FCCA Awards for this film. 

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